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Golf Grips & Regripping Services
Golf Clearance Warehouse offers a large selection of grips from major manufacturers in men's, ladies, and junior models.
Perhaps the most overlooked service available, re-gripping can make it feel like you have new clubs, your grips should be changed at least every year if you play 20 games or more.
Golf grips come in a variety of styles and materials. Determining the proper grip size is vital to allowing the golfer to maintain a firm, yet tension-free, link to the golf club. Grips are fitted for comfort, so that your hands and arm muscles are relaxed as you begin to take the club away. The requirements of both hands are considered in grip sizing.
Like all other aspects of our custom services, we go the extra mile ensuring your grip is right for you and our turn around can be from right away to 24 hours depending on how busy we are.
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Golf Gripping pricing starts from as little as $3 per club
Same or next day service guaranteed
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Star Grip Classic Wrap 360 Star Grip Classic Wrap 360

3-year Durability Guarantee

Our Price: $9.95
Star Grip Sidewinder 360 Star Grip Sidewinder 360

3-year Durability Guarantee

Our Price: $9.95
Star Classic Pistol Putter Grip Star Classic Pistol Putter Grip

3-year Durability Guarantee

Our Price: $9.95
Star Grip Tour 360 - Oversize Star Grip Tour 360 - Oversize

3-year Durability Guarantee

Our Price: $11.95
Why re-grip your golf clubs?
Golf is often underestimated to be an easy sport, but only golfers know what the game is really all about. And if you have tried your hand at it, and have swung a shot with a golf club, you will have a fair idea of how essential golf grips are to the game. So if golf is all about hitting that perfect shot, it is also about having the perfect golf grip. And when we talk about an ideal golf grip, we are talking about the one that helps the golfer to have an intimate control over the club, particularly over the angle of the club head, and one that lets him make a confident judgment about his shot. That is golf for you!!

When you have been constantly practising shots with your golf club, chances are quite high that the grip is being worn out and is turning flimsy. It is then a good idea, and a necessary measure, that you re-grip your club to get back the new, sturdy feeling again. New golf grips are robust and firm, thus giving you a steady hold over the club. The traction is, in turn, indispensible for you to have an accurate judgement and to make that perfect shot.

When the club begins to slip in your hands, it is bound to also fling away when you attempt to putt the ball. As your shots start to go awry, you might also end up demoralizing yourself to be a terrible golf player, something that will give you bad nightmares, if golf is what you live for. Chances for such a letdown are particularly high during the wet seasons. But before you lose heart, or your ball, we are here to tell you that all you need is a change of the golf grip, to have you right back into the game. Bring in the punch to your shots with the ideally firm, and tough, golf grip.

It is not just an overuse that wilts down the grip. Even heat, moisture, dirt and ozone can do this to your golf grip. Getting down to the details, a good golf grip will let you have a skilfully light wrist action, one that doesn’t really need too much pressure or tension in swinging the golf club. This lets you masterfully make accurate strokes, without being weighed down by any subconscious inhibitions of losing your club or swinging the ball out of the field. This will also prevent any arm pull or wrist injuries, which golfers are usually prone to. A new and sturdy golf grip will smoothen your swing mechanics, and will give you a greater sense of power and control over your shots.

Since it is the grip that backs the shot, the perfect golf grip will surely bring you closer to your hole-in-one dream.

So, now you know why it is necessary that you re-grip your golf club time and again. A new set of golf grips will effectively bring about a change in your confidence, and in your game.

When to re-grip your golf clubs:
Have you ever looked at the soles of your shoes after they have been used for a few months? What it looks like now as opposed to when you bought it is probably why you slipped and almost fell the other day. This is called wearing of the grip. It is exactly what happens with the grips on your golf club. And eventually, it might hamper your shots and cost you a game. Why wait for that to happen? Compare an old grip with a new one and you will notice the obvious differences immediately.

Re-gripping your golf clubs is necessary and essential at least on an annual basis to make the best use of all your equipment. New grips make better shots and great games. Old grips will have shiny patches and wear spots on them. They also feel smooth in your hand with a hard surface. This lack of traction will make your golf club slip while taking your shot and will definitely have an effect on the position of the face of the club at impact with the ball. New grips will reduce the torque immensely and enable traction and tack that is required for good shots.

A bad shot and a bruised ego cannot be fixed but your old grips definitely can. And in less than 30 minutes for the whole set. Old grips are easy to spot and even easier to fix. All you have to do is pick up that golf club and inspect every side of it. Here are a few signs of wearing that you should look for:

  • Cracks
  • Hard but smooth surfaces
  • Shiny patches
  • Insufficient tack
  • Wear spots, where your thumbs meet on the grip
  • Faded and bare spots that have logos or are painted

Grip sizes:

Many sizes are available for golf grips. Size is an important element. Playing with correctly sized grips is essential. If a grip is too small it will definitely make the club head close prematurely. This will result in a hook. If the grip is too large then that will cause a slice. This is why you need to find the perfectly sized grip to get the best out of your golf clubs. Once you do that, we know who is going to be an ace on the course with a perfect game.