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A Beginner's Guide to Kiddie Golf Clubs Part I

Many sports fans believe that starting kids early by using the right golf equipment is the key to helping them to be successful. Maybe they're right, because when you see the PGA and LPGA, you will notice that the players who join the tours get younger and younger each year. How can this be possible?

Simple. Because golf can be played at a very early age. What makes this possible is the creation of kiddie golf sets.

There are some tips that you should bear in mind when selecting the right golf equipment for your children. Let us attempt to enumerate and describe them one by one:

Weight - The golf club's heaviness is very important to the child golfer. Prior to making a purchase, you should make sure it is suited to fit your child's size and age. A heavy club will only make your junior golfer struggle to create an effective swing. This compromises the form, and if not corrected, can be a permanent bad habit. If you give a lighter club, the child will be able to maintain a correct position and be able to repeat swings easily. Nowadays club manufacturers today are able to produce junior clubs that possess lighter shafts and heads.

Flexibility of the Shaft - As mentioned previously, children who play golf in the olden days have to make do with modified adult equipment. This may be a 7 iron that has been cut and modified to suit the child. This is a short cut type of solution. The problem of this is that when you use these golf equipment, your junior is faced with a shaft that is much too stiff. Now, golf equipment makers are able to produce sets that are just perfect for a child's swinging abilities and arm strength. This is made possible by using ultra light metals and graphite materials. Try taking a junior golf club and you will notice that you may even try to bend these items yourself. Before you buy the club for your kid, try to evaluate the flexibility of its shaft.

Bear in mind these tips and you will be successful in finding the right golf equipment for your child.

A Beginner's Guide To Kiddie Golf Clubs Part II

Children once had a really difficult time getting into the game because they were forced to make do with sub-standard gear.

The same golf equipment that adults used were merely modified, cut down, and given to them for practice. Now, miniature versions with better designs are easily available. Any golf equipment shop now carries children golf sets which are designed especially for the physique of the children.

Below are key areas to look out for when trying to find the right golf equipment for your children.

Grip size - Junior grips are readily available in the market today. What you are looking for are grips with a core measurement of .50. Remember, you want to stay away from thick grips. Your child's hands are obviously a lot smaller than that of an adult's. You cannot make your child handle a grip that was meant for an adult. If your child's golf equipment is reminiscent of the grip of a tennis racquet, then you can be sure that his or her swing will be not only awkward, but horrendous as well.

Length - perhaps the most crucial thing you should look after. The clubs you buy must be realistically proportional to the size of the child using it. Some useful indicators that you can use as a guide: Once your child starts to choke down around 2 inches or more, their swing will be altered altogether. If this is roughly 1 1/2 to 2 inches, your child may spend too much time choking down. The ideal situation is for your child to try and grip down an inch. This way he or she can make a swing at the ball normally and learn from that through practice.

We as adults often overlook the specific needs of our children. We do know that golf in itself is a challenging discipline. Starting our children early in this sport which we so very much love can be made easier if we buy them the right equipment. With this you can expect your junior to enjoy the sport more, and in turn, play better too.