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Trade-in Program - Shipping Instructions

Once your quote has been approved by your and Green Grass One you are ready to ship!

Step  1

Pack the items securely in boxes.  Tape all corners of the boxes and ensure that club heads are properly padded with head covers and/or newspaper


Step 2

Mark on each box in Visible Marker

                From:    Your Address

                To:          Golf Clearance Warehouse

                                692 Denison Street

                                Markham, Ontario

                                L3R 1B9



Step 3

Call UPS for a pick up

-          1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)

-          Mention that you have a package ready for pick up.

-          If you have never shipped via UPS they will need to get some basic information from you i.e. Course name, address, phone number, etc.

-          Mention that you would like to bill to receiver using the following account:

o   Golf Clearance Warehouse – Account #90RV44


Alternative Step 3 Option

You can also drop your shipment off at any UPS Location or directly to the Shipping address.


You’re Done!


If you’re having problems or need assistance simply email Rahul@golfclientservices.comand we will be happy to assist and set up the pick- up for you and shipping labels for you.